Derek and Silvia

Fall wedding at Heritage Pointe golf course. Photos by Jayden Campbell with Jayden Campbell Photography


Pink with some sparkle. Photos by


Featurd in print! Bridal Fantasy 2017. 

Photos by Shannon Roy with Karismic Photography

Krista & Bryson

Flowers cron anyone? Photos by <span rgb(29,="" 33,="" 41);="" font-family:="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;="" text-align:="" center;"="">White Apple Photography 


Travel themed wedding. Thank you Olga Courtnage for the photos. <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" rel="nofollow noopener nofollow" rgb(54,="" 88,="" 153);="" cursor:="" pointer;="" font-family:="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;"="" target="_blank">

Cascading winter bridal bouquets

Winter Photo shoot 2015 (part 1 or 2)
Cascading anemone, pon pon ranunculus, phalaenopsis and Vanda orchids with winter greens.
Thank you Nicole Sarah for photographing this shoot for us! Nicole Sarah Photography 
Dress was lent by Novia Mia

Flower crown & Candelabra

Winter Photo shoot 2015 (part 2 of 2)

Pink garden rose, white hydrangea, ivy, vanda orchids.
Thank you Nicole Sarah for photographing this shoot for us! Nicole Sarah Photography 

Laura & Andrea

Laura and Andrea both wanted individual bridal bouquets wich was a lot of fun to create as they had their own styles that needed to mesh together so the bridal bouquets didn’t clash agents each other. The girls also had matching hair peace and boutonniere which I thought was really a great way to have flowers all night! As well, the bridesmaids had corsages and each of the brides’ men and bridesmaid corsages and boutonnieres were all unique to one another.
Thank you for the photos Geoff Wilkings at Geoff Wilkings Photography 

Edi and Britt

My brothers wedding! Green and Blue.

Due to the set up I had to decorate the cake at the venue this wedding between the ceremony and reception. 

Thank you Danaea Li with Danaea Li Photography  for the photos.   

Kayla & Justin

Purple and Lavender!
Thank you Shawna for the photos!
Infinite Images:


Stunning out door wedding in Canmore. This bride and groom wanted a hand tied bouquet and flower crown. 

Thank you Denise Barrett for the photos. Denise Barrett photography:

Steph & Rob

Ivory and white roses for a lovely Calgary fall wedding

Thank you Wild Hart Photography for the photos:


Ivory and pale pink.

A stunning wedding in Canmore AB. 


Blue and Yellow! Liz loved Irises so we made them a focal point using two shades of yellow. 

Thanks Stephanie for the photos:


Melinda wanted to use the natural unique look utilizing willow combined with autumn colours.
Thanks Corrina for the photos!

Dara & John

Pink garden spray roses, fiddle heads and bright coral runacluas for a sun set themed bridal bouquet.

Thank you Nicole Sarah for the photos you did a great job!

Theresa & Jonny

This was such a fun wedding bouquet to do! Dark purple and orange.

Andrea & Ian

Lilies! - photos by Anna Liska

Elizabeth & Andrew

Simple Lavender, Gyp and Myrtle.

Katie & Craig

Photos taken by Suzanne Elizabeth at

Vintage Elegance - Simple Cascade

A simple cascade using one of my favorite flowers, Lithianthus. - Thank you Photographik for the photos!

Vintage Elegance – Cascading Orchids

A twist on the cascading arrangements of today. Thank you Photographik for the photo!

tea Cups

Some amazing photos of a really simple decor option taken by

Elegance with a splash of green

Vintage Elegance

Thanks Erin and Andrew for this amazing shoot we did in 2014!


A wedding with red, purple and pink. The groom was in his RCMP uniform and the red tied it in perfectly. 

Photo Shoot 2013

Thank you Photograhik for the amazing photos from our shoot together!

Photo Shoot 2012

Li'l Mam Flower's photo shoot. Thank you to Christy D Photography at

Genevieve & Alexx

Genevieve was married in Waterton, she purchased the flowers form us and put them together her self with a little guidance from Li'l Mam.

These photos were taken by

Cassidy & Grant

A wedding In Jasper BC
Rustic free spirited bouquets for this mountain wedding held in a log lodge. 
Photos by A Different Angle Photography

Jessa & Jeremy

This bride wanted all red carnation.
Photos taken by

Michelle & John

On September 1st 2012 I married my love John Downey! He is very supportive of Li'l Mam, and he wanted a particular flower for our day. He wanted the Phalaenopsis Orchid so he got it! Yes I did my own flowers and I am so glad I did. We had 10 tables with 3 small center pieces, 3 brides maids, a flower girl, and 8 other arrangements at the venue. Plus all the family had boutonnieres and corsages, and I did the cakes flowers the day of the wedding. 
Thanks you Mike Barry with for the amazing photos! Mike was a pleasure to work with on our special day! 

Melissa & Mark

Yellow and Blue! 
Photos were taken by Redfern Photography in Calgary AB.

Tawny & Dan

This medieval themed wedding was a lot of fun! The bride and groom even had sword fighting and a cake what looked like a dragon! 

Erin & Graham

Kailey & Chad

This wedding was held out doors on the brides farm.