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About Us

We love the art of floral design, thriving on the challenge of creating a custom piece of art for every client.

Over 10 years in business

Li’l Mam flowers is a fully licensed and insured florist growing steadily each season. We service all of Calgary and surrounding areas, including Banff, Canmore, Bragg creek, Okotoks, and more. Every wedding we do is 100% custom and created to fit client's individual needs.

We are continuously educating ourselves on the latest design trends and keeping our floral and artistic skills up to date. We believe that education is essential to thrive in this industry and continue to grow as artists.

Li'l Mam flowers is featured on Champagne Sweets, Wedding Bells, Fab You Bliss, Bridal Fantasy, & Confetti Magazine, Bridal Fantasy, Out door wedding,  and more.  

Eco Friendly

Li'l Mam flowers is always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and support other local companies when sourcing products to create our floral designs. We purchase from local growers and work closely with local wholesalers to get you the best flowers for your event. Li'l Mam Flowers is also growing a small selection of our own product to use for late summer events and fall/winter work shops. Because we are a studio, and do not carry weekly inventory we have minimal wastage. 

Li'l Mam flowers is also reducing the amount of floral foam we consume. To go 100% floral foam free is not always practical for some events and designs. If we can avoid it, we will; however, some projects demand it's use. When contracted to set up on location, Li'l Mam will make every effort to go foam free.  

If you have a preference that floral foam be avoided or have any questions regarding floral foam or any other questions, please reach out.

Why are we called Li'l Mam Flowers?

Li'l Mam Flowers was started almost a decade ago and is the initials of the owner and lead designer, M.A.M. Since the start of the company her last name has changed from Mange to Downey. We have thought about changing the company name in the past few years to represent the growth of the company, however, it became impossible to change when Michelle's , the owner, 3 year old asked if the flowers in the studio were for Li'l Mam? And than, she noticed that her 5 year old was talking as if Li'l Mam was a person not just  a place mommy went to work. 

Li'l Mam flowers is a proud floral studio based in Calgary that delivers art to each of its clients. We have a passion that has grown and been refined over the last 10 years.